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Transform your home into a sea of joy and comfort with Service Point. Take your outdoors from residential to resort-level beauty.

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What Sets Us Apart
As a Landscaping Service?

On-time, On-Budget

We meet deadlines and deliver affordable solutions to your outdoor needs

Client Obsession

We listen to you and bring your vision to life

Adaptable Execution

Own a townhouse? Villa? Apartment? We flexibly adjust delivery based on your exact needs

Expert Craftsmanship

We hire seasoned professionals who are skilled in their roles

What You Can Expect From Service Point As Your Landscaping Partner

Free Landscaping Audit

We cover your goals, vision, budgets, concerns and alternatives to exceed expectations.

Clear Written Estimates

We provide decisive and well-explained written estimates so you get no surprises and disappointments.

Going Beyond ‘Design’

We handle everything from landscaping design to execution to maintenance so you stop worrying and start relaxing.

Resonance With Your Lifestyle

Our flexible and creative professionals will create outdoor spaces that deeply match exactly what you envision in your wildest dreams.

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