Enhance Your Garden with Expert Maintenance

Just like your home, your garden should be a personal oasis, a place that perfectly complements your lifestyle. At Service Point Maintenance, we take your dream garden seriously.

We’re here to listen, understand, and bring your garden vision to life.

Our process



During consultations, we learn your aspirations, needs and tastes to inform creative, tailored landscape designs.



We suggest sustainable and contemporary garden design options using quality materials for you to review, fine-tuning until your vision flourishes.



We flawlessly handle permitting, procurement, and construction to
install landscapes smoothly and beautifully based on the agreed
creative landscape design.



We explain our garden maintenance process so you can enjoy your healthy new contemporary garden that fulfills your vision.



We provide ongoing garden upkeep and quality lawn care practices, being available for questions whenever they arise. Our reliable service continues beyond project completion.

Expert Care Tailored to Your Garden

We listen closely to understand your specific needs, whether you seek creative design, seasonal tidy-ups, or full-service maintenance. Our horticulture expertise and quality practices ensure we keep your garden thriving beautifully.

Customized Garden

We act as your dedicated partner, crafting tailor-made garden maintenance plans to suit your unique garden vision. With a focus on quality lawn care practices and innovative landscape design, our professional gardeners breathe life into your garden.

Effortless Garden Care

Simplicity and beauty define our approach. Our expertise in low maintenance landscaping ensures a stress-free haven. From custom landscape design to professional garden maintenance, we create spaces that require minimal effort yet exude maximum charm.

Reliable Care and Maintenance

Our garden maintenance process encompasses responsive care—watering, pruning, and soil health—to ensure your garden thrives season after season. We're committed to nurturing your landscape, ensuring its ongoing health and vitality.

Ongoing Support
for Continued Success

We're devoted to your garden's health. Ask us anytime for maintenance tips, upgrades, repairs, or renewals. Nurturing landscapes together brings us joy.

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Service Point Landscape did a great job redesigning our backyard. They listened to our ideas and kept us involved throughout the process. We were very happy with the final result and would definitely recommend them to others.

– Ahmed & Fatima M

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My yard was uneven and difficult to manage, but Service Point Landscape was able to turn it into a more structured and appealing space. They were very detail-oriented and their team was very skilled. I am very happy with the final result.

– Mohammed S

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Our home has unique landscaping challenges because of its terrain. Service Point Landscape was able to customize their approach to meet our needs. We are very happy with the final result and now enjoy our outdoor space more than ever before.

- Maryam A

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Service Point Landscape was a great choice for our latest landscaping project. They were very knowledgeable about sustainable practices and efficient irrigation. Our garden now looks better and is more eco-friendly.

- Rashid T

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We had a specific vision and budget for our outdoor area, and Service Point Landscape was able to deliver exactly what we wanted. They finished ahead of time and managed everything within the agreed budget. They were very clear and upfront in their communications, which made them a trustworthy partner for our landscaping project.

- Abdulaziz & Hala B

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We are very happy with the ongoing support from Service Point Landscape. They are always available to answer our questions and offer advice on garden maintenance. We would definitely recommend them to others.

- Aisha J

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